Pilates is named after it’s creator, Joseph pilates, who developed the exercises in the 1920’s, which are still being developed and adapted today. he’s made sure that all of his movements are enduring but also enjoyable.

Our Pilates classes are based in Solihull/Shirley. They are suitable for all ages and abilities. Throughout the classes there are different types of movements to suit everybodies abilities. Having multiple options to choose from throughout.

Throughout Pilates we look at working on your posture, your flexibility in your back, hips and more. We look at working your strength in your back muscles, arms and legs. Pilates is seen as a full body work out, however you are finishing the class feeling relaxed and all stretched out. Pilates helps if you have back trouble, as most back pain tends to stem from bad posture, and as posture is one of our main focuses throughout pilates, it helps relieve any pressures and eases pain.

Throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown we have provided many ways for you to continue working out. We have decided to continue doing all of these options going forward.

We have both in person classes and also online classes for you to join in via Zoom. Here is a time lapse of one of our classes:

All classes are for all abilities, there are loads of modifications throughout the classes to help the movements suit to your own individual level.

If you would like to find out more or to book on click the link below:

“Positive Pilates with Chloe has been an absolute godsend over the last year! Not only has it eased my lower slipped discs, helping to improve sleep and general mobility but the Pilates has been a total stress buster. Stress has been such a factor during this difficult period and Chloe ends each Pilates session with breathing techniques, positive visualisation and relaxation! I can honestly say her lovely personality and professionalism coupled with her knowledge of the workings of the body, have got me through through this year.  She encourages everyone to go at their own pace and gives alternative movements for all. If you are interested in joining check out  Chloe’s Facebook page!”

– Nicola McKenna

“Positive Pilates with Chloe has been a game changer for me. It has not only helped with easing most of my aches and pains but also mentally. The relaxation at the end with a positive quote and breathing seems to be the perfect way to end a well structured session, and set you up for the rest of the evening and week. Although on zoom, Chloe still manages to assesses everyone’s needs and get it just right for everyone, providing both progressions and modifications. I’ve been lucky enough to do in person classes and the zoom really isn’t much different. Chloes professionalism still allows for the same experience. For someone who wasn’t really into Pilates at first, it’s an absolute convert and would 100% recommend to anyone.”

– Natalie Hardy

“Over the past few years I have suffered from back trouble, low hip mobility and Sciatica. After joining Positive Pilates with Chloe, I noticed such a difference. Little to no pain at all now, and such a difference in my hip mobility, I don’t struggle getting out of bed in the morning now. Chloe explained to me that seeing a difference from class to class, is completely different for every individual, I did notice a difference after a couple of sessions. I wasn’t sure about going straight into a group class so I done a few privates with Chloe to begin with, they made me feel so confident and I absolutely love the group session as well as the private lessons. Chloe always breaks down movements and gives loads of options so you never feel you can’t do something in a class. Great to suit each individual. 10/10 would recommend!”

– Anonymous




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