About Us

We are a family run business that offers exercise classes on a pay as you go basis. These classes are built up on the basis of having fun whilst exercising, we believe that if you’re enjoying your workouts you will get more out of the classes and it will keep your stimulation levels high.

The Instructors:

Lynsey Bull is a fully qualified Zumba Instructor and has been instructing for over 6 years. Lynsey is a bubbly and friendly instructor who has an absolute passion for Zumba. She is always willing to help with whatever needs you have throughout the class. Lynsey is also accredited in Pound fit.

Chloe Bull is a fully qualified Pound fit, Pilates and Zumba Instructor. She is passionate about all classes and really enjoys teaching them. Chloe is a friendly and considerate person and feels that it is important to be able to adapt the classes to suit all individuals. Chloe is also a certified Street dance teacher.