Returning to Live in person classes!

(Please Read this Fully before returning back to classes!)

Firstly we would just like to thank everyone who’s supported us through this hard time and everyone who joined in our classes!

We are excited to say that we will be starting back for live, in person, classes on the 4th of September 2020.

With Covid-19 still around we are taking as many precautions as we can. We have been in close contact with the venues who have laid out markings and completed risk assessments, sorted one way systems, provided hand Gel, also air con (Very Exciting) and more. Along with this we have also done our own individual risk assessments, and we will provide our own hand gel, wipes and take any other precautions necessary for you all to feel safe and comfortable attending classes.

The most important thing we must stress that you use is our BOOKING SYSTEM! We are not allowed to do walk-ins as we have to make sure there is a safe distance between each person which will attend the class. Therefore we have set up this booking system for you to secure your place. There is a colour coding system so it is easier to identify which class is which, please make sure you click on the correct slot, as one will be ‘Zoom class’ and the other ‘An in person Class’. This is so we know how many will be attending. Do not worry if you wake up in the morning and are unsure, you can book up to 2 hours before a class starts. However, all booking will be a First come first serve basis. This is so we can correctly measure out spaces and have our register up to date and also the fact that we have limited spaces.

If you Book onto Zoom but would like to be on our waiting list if any spaces become available for our in-person classes please let us know!

If you have any trouble with the booking on system please get in touch with us and we will help you in any way we can!

Due to Covid-19 everyone will need to complete a new waiver form, this will be for both attending in person classes and Zoom classes. The Wavier form will be sent out when you submit your first booking. All waiver forms will need to be completed in Capital letters and clear writing with ALL information filled in, it must have a signature and date in order for you to participate. The waiver forms will need to be sent back via email. If there are any problems with sending it back please contact us and we can arrange another way for returning the form.

Along with the booking system there will also be a change in the PAYMENT methods. As we have so many lovely people attending our classes, who want to return to in person classes. We have made the decision that in order to fully confirm your place we would prefer payments upfront and bank transfer. However, we understand that some people do not have online banking, which we will accept cash, providing you let us know. As we do not want to disappoint, if you book on and choose to pay cash we will have a 2 strike rule where you can no longer book on without payment, if you book on and do not show up without letting us know, as we will have waiting lists and it isn’t fair to those who want to attend. Also with cash payments if you could please bring the EXACT AMOUNT as we will not be giving change, this is to save from possible cross-contamination. From the 1st September once you book you will have 24 hours to either transfer payment or let us know that you will be paying by cash. Unfortunately if you fail to do so, your booking will not be confirmed, due to limited spaces.

All payments for Zoom bookings will need to be online bank transfers!

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you book onto an in-person class and you do happen to be running late, but still want to attend please let us know and we can send you over the code for the zoom class as it will be a different code each time, which will be sent out to those who have booked onto Zoom.

For all classes if you could please bring the minimal with you, so you have more space in your square. For Classes like Pound Fit and Pilates, If you could please bring your own mat, if you have one, or a towel, for when you sit and lie down. Also for Pound Fit, when it comes to the Ripstix they will already be places in a square and we will have disinfected them from when we have touched them and placed them down on the floor, in your set section. For extra precaution please bring your own wipes if you do not feel comfortable with just us disinfecting them ourselves. At the end of the session, as you are exiting 1-by-1, if you could place the sticks into a bucket, where they will be disinfected for the next class.

Other important information for all classes are: we will be filling the rooms from the furthest wall away from the entrance, we know a lot of people prefer to stand in certain places, so if you like a certain place please contact us and we will tell you when is best to arrive! Along with this please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before the class start time (as we have no waiting area) please make sure you are not late! We will be starting as near to on time as we can! If you are running late please let us know so we can sort out your space ready. To exit it’ll be the first line out of the fire exit doors first this is so we can keep to social distancing rules.

When you enter please make sure you go to the toilet before entering the class as we can’t have people walking past each other during the class as it does not adhere to social distancing rules as well as our 1 way system.

When you book you and agree to the terms and conditions you will also be agreeing for us to use your information to contact you for our track and trace system. This is if we get contacted by either the premises, or a client that attends Fusion Dance Fit classes, to state they have COVID-19 we can let you know if you we in contact with them. This will be up to 3 days after their visit.

Along with both live, in-person classes, and our zoom classes. we will also be offering the online videos, which are currently on our website. These will be available for a small fee if you do not attend any classes, if our times do not suit you then we have provided videos as another option. These videos will be free to those who attend weekly classes.

Unfortunately we will not be using the loyalty cards when we return to live classes in September, this is due to limiting passing objects to each other. loyalty cards will be reviewed in January.

*If you have any symptoms of Covid- 19 e.g. A High Temperature, A New/Continuous Cough, Loss or Change to your Sense of Smell or Taste please do not attend classes*

If you have any questions please to not hesitate to ask! Contact us Now.

We Can’t wait to see you all again in person!

Lots of love Chloe and Lynsey x