12 Day Challenge:

Day 1 – minimum roughly 15 minutes of your day, take the time to go through each movement and target the correct muscles. Day 1 includes: – Sumo Squats, – Sumo Squats with heal lifts, – sumo squat pulse, – Narrow squats, -pulsing narrow squats, – single toe tap (double toe tap as a progression), – roll ups, – Hip openers, – single straight leg stretches, – crunches with single leg (add a twist as a progression), – Double leg lift, – point and flex, – single leg lift, – arms & back exercises, – side leg lifts into rainbows, – hamstring stretches.

Day 2 – focusing on standing exercises and legs, roughly taking 10 minutes of your day minimum. Day 2 includes: – squat & spinal twist, – lunge & twist, – lunge & pulse, – curtsey & twist, – side leg lift, – knee lift & twist, – pulsing squat.

Day 3 – Focusing on core and legs, roughly taking 10 minutes of your day minimum. Day 3 includes: – half roll down, – bow and arrows, – pelvic tilt/shoulder bridge, – crunch hold, – raised legged criss crosses, – side plank, – clam.

Day 4 – focusing on balancing and changing you centre point of gravity, working all the body, mainly the core, roughly taking 10 minutes of your day minimum. Day 4 includes: – Cow/cat stretch, – side knee lifts, – press-up into downward dog/ Childs pose, – swimmers, – thread the needle.

Day 5 is rest day, go for a walk or do light activity. It is important to give the body a rest and let it reset.

Day 6 – Cardio! day 6 is cardio based with pilates and Poundfit movements added in to create a 15 minute cardio workout. You can take these tracks high or low to suit you own individual levels.

Day 7 – Focusing on adding in a fit ball/ balance ball or a chair. Day 7 includes: – knee lifts, – extended legs, – hip openers, – shoulder/glute bridge, – crunches, – side leg lifts.

Day 8 – Stretches! It is important to make sure you keep stretching when it comes to exercise. Day 8 is mainly forcing on the legs (mainly hamstrings) and slowly including upper body stretches as well. These stretches can be done with or without a resistance band (or a scarf).

Day 9 – Meditation!